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    It's a Great Day to be GREAT!

    Ed Stulak is an NJ Licensed Realtor & Social Media shark. He is an up and coming personal brand to continuously watch. In 2013 after an ice hockey injury, Ed received his wake up call and pushed a huge presence in the world of Social Media. He has earned several acclaimed titles in the industry such as; Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder of multiple companies that developed his digital platform niche. Today, Ed teaches National and International Real Estate Agencies and individual Realtors how to grow a reputable & effective personal brand that matters to their preferred demographics.

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    Ed Stulak
    The Millennial Realtor
    Vendrell Home Selling Team
    966 Shoppes Blvd.
    North Brunswick, NJ 08892
    Phone: 732-821-6400
    Fax: 732-821-1934

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